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Dentist for Tongue Tie at Dentistry on Parkdale in Hamilton ON Area

Dentistry doesn’t just stop at the teeth and gums. Dentists such as Dr. Karen Ho of Hamilton, Ontario also deal with other conditions that can impact oral health and wellness, including problems such as the tongue tie. Checking and treating tongue tie is one of many services available at Dentistry on Parkdale.

What is tongue tie?

Some babies are born with a tongue tie, which is a condition that can make it difficult for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and later, speech. The problem is caused by a tight frenulum. This is the skin underneath the tongue that connects it to the bottom of the mouth. When this skin is tight, a baby cannot move their tongue as freely as they need to to properly feed. To resolve tongue tie, Dr. Karen Ho will provide a proper diagnosis and treatment with a frenectomy.

Understanding the frenectomy procedure

During a frenectomy, Dr. Karen Ho will cut the frenulum. This releases the tightness of the frenulum and allows the tongue to move properly for better feeding. It is done in just minutes, during which a laser or scissors is used to trim the frenulum right in the dental office. Frenectomy is the most reliable and helpful solution for children diagnosed with tongue tie, and can significantly improve breastfeeding and bottle feeding for parents.

Signs your child may have tongue tie

If you notice any of these symptoms in your infant, you may be dealing with tongue tie:

  • Trouble lifting the tongue or moving it from side to side
  • Difficulty sticking the tongue out
  • A tongue that looks heart-shaped or notched
  • An infant that is struggling with feeding properly by breast or bottle
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Learn more about treatment of tongue and lip ties with our dentist, Dr. Karen Ho

At Dentistry on Parkdale, we provide more than just dental cleanings and fillings. If you are in need of treatment for a tongue or lip tie, or have a child that needs our help, contact our practice by calling 905-547-4940. Our practice, located at 21 Parkdale Avenue South, is always accepting new patients and families in the Hamilton, ON area. 

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