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Dentists in Hamilton, ON share tips for adapting to your new smile after dentures treatment

share tips for adapting to your new smile after dentures treatment

Are you scheduled for dentures treatment, or considering extractions to prepare for dentures? These tips from Dr. Karen Ho at Dentistry on Parkdale in Hamilton, ON will help you adapt quickly. Even if you are a long-time denture wearer, you may discover additional ways to get enjoyment from your smile.

Dentures have come a long way

Denture materials and techniques have changed a great deal since your grandparent’s time. Today’s patient has many options in denture type, with strong, lightweight, and even flexible materials that look natural while restoring function.

A partial denture holds one or multiple replacement teeth in the upper or lower arch. It is removable for easy cleaning, held in place for chewing and speaking with clips that fasten around existing teeth.

A full denture is an entire arch of replacement teeth, and “complete dentures” refers to a set of uppers and lowers. An immediate denture is a full denture designed and fabricated in advance. It is inserted on the day of extractions, so you don’t have to go without teeth while your mouth heals. It is relined after recovery, to ensure a secure fit. An implant-retained denture is a full denture stabilized with four or more dental implants. This type of denture provides the highest level of secure, comfortable fit.

After treatment – living with dentures in Hamilton, ON


living with dentures

Our dentists help you decide if dentures are the most appropriate treatment for your situation, and select the type that fits your mouth, lifestyle, and budget. Once your dentures have been made, expect a brief period of adjustment.

Most patients adapt quickly to talking with dentures, and in fact speak more clearly than without teeth. It just takes a little training, especially since you may tend to produce excess saliva at first. Try reading out loud from a favorite book or magazine, in front of a mirror. You will be encouraged by how great you look, and quickly discover words that require a bit more practice.

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We recommend taking dentures out at night to allow soft tissues of the mouth to revitalize. To remove dentures, begin by washing your hands. Swish plain water in the mouth and spit. Place a thumb against the inside of the upper denture pressing upward and outward, toward the tip of the nose to loosen natural suction. Gently rock the lower denture while pulling forward. Place dentures on a towel. If you use denture adhesive, wipe it from gums with a clean, moistened washcloth. Follow the hygiene technique outlined below. Then place dentures in a cup of water overnight to keep materials conditioned.

Clean dentures at least one time a day to keep mouth tissues healthy and breath fresh. Here are step-by-step denture cleaning instructions:

  • Put some cool water in the sink to cushion impact in case you drop a denture.
  • Rinse one denture with tepid water (hot water may damage the plastic).
  • Using a soft denture brush reserved just for this purpose, and a dab of clear (not tinted, which may leave a stain) hand soap, brush all surfaces of the denture.
  • Rinse and place on the towel while you brush the other one.
  • Using a regular soft toothbrush and mild toothpaste, brush your gums and tongue, and rinse your mouth.
  • Reinsert dentures.
  • At least once per week, give dentures a soak in denture cleaning solution for extra sanitization. Please do not use bleach or other household products – they may damage dentures and be toxic to you!

Take time to explore eating with dentures. Begin with soft foods such as eggs, ground beef, fish, rice, and blueberries. As you become confident, expand into foods that require more aggressive chewing, cutting food into bite-sized morsels. Biting directly into hard foods such as raw carrots and eating very sticky candies are not recommended.

Don’t be shy

Don’t be shy

Wearing dentures certainly doesn’t preclude dating and romance. Flash a big smile to make a favorable first impression. With good oral hygiene, your mouth will be clean and fresh. If your date includes a meal, select foods you are familiar with and slow down, chewing on both sides of the mouth as evenly as possible. When the time is right, go in for the kiss with confidence!

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