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Hamilton patients ask, “Will wearing a mouth guard for use while sleeping help me stop grinding my teeth?”

wearing a mouth guard for use while sleeping help me stop grinding my teeth
Have you noticed that your jaw or teeth are sore when you wake up? Do you have headaches that seem to radiate from the jaw and up the side of your head? If so, you might have bruxism, a condition that occurs when patients clench and grind their teeth, especially while sleeping. Patients in Hamilton can learn more about this condition and how wearing a mouth guard for protection while sleeping can relieve their symptoms.

Risks of grinding teeth

Many people think that grinding is something that only children do. However, many adults subconsciously grind their teeth or do it while they’re sleeping. The practice can harm your oral health as well as your physical and emotional wellbeing through:

  • Excessive wear of the tooth’s enamel which can lead to the tooth becoming fractured, damaged, or more susceptible to decay
  • A receding gum line
  • Headaches, or pain in the jaw, neck, ears, and shoulders
  • TMJ disorder
  • A change in physical appearance

Treatment for grinding

Once patients become aware of their grinding habit, they often search for quick and effective treatment methods. When patients visit Dr. Ho, she evaluates the mouth to look for damage and takes impressions She may also suggest further treatment for factors that cause grinding such as stress, depression, or sleep disorders.

An oral appliance, which is commonly known as a night guard, can help. These clear plastic appliances fit over the top or bottom arch and cushion the teeth, reducing stress on the jaw.

If you think you may be grinding your teeth, it’s important to get help right away. Don’t wait until the teeth are damaged or the pain becomes more intense. Dr. Karen Ho at Dentistry on Parkdale, in Hamilton, can help protect your teeth and restore your health with a personalized diagnosis and treatment.

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