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Dental practice in Hamilton, ON offers oral health care and quality services for new and current patients

Dental Practice in Hamilton, on Are Offers Oral Health Care and Quality Services for New and Current Patients

At Dentistry on Parkdale, Dr. Karen Ho and her associates understand how important it is to have good oral health care habits. In addition to brushing and flossing after every meal, patients in the Hamilton, ON area are also encouraged to book routine dental visits and cleanings. A wide range of services is available at our facility, ensuring children and adults get the best possible care under one roof!

What dental services are offered at Dentistry on Parkdale?

Dr. Karen Ho is pleased to provide the following dental services at her facility:

  • Examinations and cleanings – visiting the dental office twice a year for examinations and cleanings is key to a lifetime of healthy smiles
  • Dental fillings – when cavities develop, tooth-colored composite fillings can help stop decay and protect the remaining tooth structure
  • Dental crowns – crowns, or caps, are used in many areas of dentistry to strengthen and protect natural tooth structures
  • Dental bridges – missing teeth can be replaced with dental bridges, quality porcelain restorations that help “bridge the gap” between adjacent teeth following tooth loss or extraction
  • Professional teeth whitening – our team is excited to offer fast and affordable Zoom teeth whitening services to adult patients ready to make their smile shine!
  • Dental sealants – in addition to sealing off the teeth to protect natural tooth enamel from cavities, our team also provides fluoride applications
  • Dentures – full and partial dentures are available at our practice for patients who have experienced tooth loss or extraction and are seeking an economical solution to restore the function and beauty of their smiles.
  • Extractions – removal of baby or adult teeth can be achieved in our facility with surgical or simple extractions
  • Oral cancer screenings – monitor changes in the oral cavity that may indicate oral cancer or other conditions that need additional services to address
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Dr. Karen Ho and the team at her practice in Hamilton, ON are pleased to provide quality services for new and current patients in the areas of Hamilton, Binbrook, and Stoney Creek. If you are considering care for your family and are seeking the best in dental care and services, connect with our facility by calling 905-547-4940. We are located at 21 Parkdale Avenue South and assist patients of all ages in our state-of-the-art oral health care facility. 

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