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Hamilton ON dentist explains why dental checkups are an important part of the oral hygiene equation

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When many patients think about oral health care, they think about brushing and flossing. While these are critical habits, they are only part of the oral hygiene equation. Patients also need to have regular professional teeth cleanings and dental checkups. Dr. Karen Ho of Dentistry on Parkdale in Hamilton, ON, helps her patients achieve dental health by providing preventative care. She stresses the importance of maintaining regular visits by explaining some of the benefits of these visits:

  • Prevent gum disease: When plaque builds up on your teeth it can cause bacteria to travel below the gum line, which may inflame and irritate the gums.
  • Maintain good health: Studies have shown a correlation between optimal oral health and overall wellness. Regular cleanings can lessen your risk of certain medical conditions including strokes and heart disease.
  • Brighten your smile: During a professional cleaning, hygienists use specific tools that help to remove stains. While a cleaning doesn’t brighten the smile as much as whitening treatment, it can help the appearance of the smile.
  • Prevent bad breath: Bad breath is caused by food stuck in hard to reach areas, infection in the gums, or poor hygiene habits. Professional cleanings can dislodge food particles, keep gum disease at bay, and freshen your mouth.
  • Prevent tooth loss: Most patients believe that their adult teeth are permanent. In fact, not having good oral health habits can cause gum disease which leads to decreased bone density and possible loss of teeth.
  • Uncover potential problems: In many cases, patients may have a small cavity that they don’t feel. When it starts to hurt, the cavity is larger and requires a deeper treatment. When detected early, the dentist can quickly and easily address it.

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