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Your smile is Dentistry on Parkdale’s central focus. One of the most affordable and convenient ways to invest in your smile is with teeth whitening methods in Hamilton ON at the office of Dr. Karen Ho. These methods are tailored to your lifestyle, goals, and needs. A whiter, brighter smile also ties to the dental team’s fundamental belief that “oral health leads to a better quality of life.”

A healthy smile is often a beautiful smile. Routine professional cleanings by our friendly hygienists polish away surface stains. They also remove the stubborn, hardened plaque that can yellow your teeth and promote decay and disease. Oral health is also the starting point for any whitening treatments. Bleaching agents are carefully applied to healthy teeth, either from the convenience of our office (in a single visit!) or from the comfort of home as a treatment that gets dramatic results gradually. The choice is yours.

The power of “power whitening”

In-office whitening is known by many names, including chairside and “power” bleaching. Any references to “bleaching” refer to treatments that can make your teeth look whiter than their natural color.

In-office bleaching starts with a little preparation. A rubber dam is placed over your teeth to protect the surrounding gums and to ensure beautifully even application. Your dentist then precisely applies the bleaching product to your teeth. The bleaching product is activated by a light-based device that is equipped with advanced blue LED technology. This technology accelerates the whitening process, so you can get a dramatically transformed smile after just one appointment:

  • The technology is also equipped with variable intensity settings, which means we can customize the level of whitening to your personal preference.
  • The Zoom! Whitening System by Philips is clinically proven to whiten teeth by up to 8 shades in a single procedure.
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  • Treatment usually takes about an hour.
  • Enjoy the stunning results for up to three years. That’s a pretty tremendous return on your investment! Of course, many factors can affect how long your smile stays brilliantly white. If you visit us regularly for exams and professional cleanings, limit staining foods and drinks (like tea, coffee, and berries), and abstain from smoking, you can extend the results achieved with Zoom!
  • Some patients may experience sensitivity, gum tenderness, a sore throat, or white patches at the gumline. These side effects usually only last for a few days. Patients with sensitive teeth or who are concerned about these side effects may benefit from Dentistry on Parkdale’s more gradual approach to lifting stains: at-home bleaching.
  • Zoom! may also be combined with home whitening. There are different types of stains. Surface or extrinsic stains respond better to bleaching than other types of stains, such as intrinsic discoloration caused by antibiotics. A combination approach can remove tough stains.
  • Still other patients may opt to start with Zoom! to get a stunning smile before a big event and then maintain that smile with home treatment.

How does home treatment work?

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Whitening from home is a no-hassle process. A whitening tray is customized to fit your mouth, based on impressions of your teeth and gums. The tray is designed to slip over your teeth and looks like other clear dental appliances, such as Invisalign aligners or night-guards. These trays will contain the bleaching gel that is also customized to your needs. When you wear the tray daily as directed by Dr. Ho, your teeth will appear gradually whiter. You can achieve your goal in a couple of weeks. You have control over how quickly you want to lift those stains.

Since the trays are designed to your unique specifications, you avoid the irritation that consumers complain about when wearing trays designed to fit all mouths that are bought at the store. Custom trays also mean the results look natural; the bleaching gel is delivered evenly across all your teeth. Specially-Formulated hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is so safe that you may even wear the trays overnight. Hydrogen peroxide is more potent, and best for short wear time.

Your dentist will discuss the option that is right for you and answer any questions you may have about treatments during an appointment at the Dentistry on Parkdale office. Call 905-547-4940 to schedule your visit in Hamilton, ON. We’re conveniently located on Parkdale Avenue South, off Queenston Road, near Parkdale Park.


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