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Tooth decay repaired with composite fillings by Parkdale, ON dentist

Tooth decay repaired with composite fillings by Parkdale dentist

Tooth decay is a problem that, if left untreated, will only get worse. If a cavity is discovered during a dental visit, the dentist can repair it. If a person neglects care to the point that the decay reaches the pulp area of the tooth, they will certainly know it. Toothache pain should lead to a prompt appointment with a dental provider, where they will remedy the problem and alleviate the pain.

Dentistry on Parkdale treats patients in and around Parkdale, ON, with preventive care during regularly scheduled office visits. When there is a dental concern that needs to be addressed, Dr. Karen Ho has the solutions to restore the patient’s dental health. Services are provided with compassion, and patients do not need to worry about painful procedures. We will ensure that any visit with us is as comfortable as possible.

When tooth decay is discovered by the dentist, a very common way to repair the tooth effectively is with a dental filling. Dr. Ho chooses to use composite, tooth-colored fillings, which are metal-free. She believes that this is the superior material to accomplish the tooth repair. Some research indicates that composite materials are safer for the body than metal-based fillings. Cosmetically, most people prefer them because their appearance blends in with their teeth. The composite product is similar to tooth structure, as far as expansion and contraction with temperature; and it adheres well to the tooth, which provides durability.

The filling is performed in the office by cleaning the tooth of the decayed area using a dental drill. Anesthesia will be used to maintain patient comfort. The filling is placed into the tooth and adjusted by the dentist to give proper bite alignment with the other teeth. With this procedure, harmful bacteria are sealed out, preventing further damage to the tooth.

If you have a dental problem that needs to be addressed, call Dentistry on Parkdale for an appointment. We invite you to schedule your next routine care appointment with us, as well. We are honored when you choose our practice to meet your dental care needs, and we will strive to exceed your expectations at every visit. We look forward to having a trusting relationship with every member of your family and working with you to keep those smiles beautiful.

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