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One of the biggest problems that can occur within the smile is dental decay, also known as “cavities.” Cavities are often caused by inadequate oral hygiene and results in large holes in the tooth’s enamel. Untreated cavities can become extremely problematic. These holes can become larger and deeper and can result in an infection within the tooth. Patients with cavities might also notice pain and sensitivity. It is important that patients with cavities not only get them diagnosed in the earliest stages but seek effective treatment services with their dentist in Hamilton, ON. Composite resin tooth fillings are often the … Continue reading

Tooth decay repaired with composite fillings by Parkdale, ON dentist

Tooth decay repaired with composite fillings by Parkdale dentist

Tooth decay is a problem that, if left untreated, will only get worse. If a cavity is discovered during a dental visit, the dentist can repair it. If a person neglects care to the point that the decay reaches the pulp area of the tooth, they will certainly know it. Toothache pain should lead to a prompt appointment with a dental provider, where they will remedy the problem and alleviate the pain. Dentistry on Parkdale treats patients in and around Parkdale, ON, with preventive care during regularly scheduled office visits. When there is a dental concern that needs to be … Continue reading

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