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Tooth Fillings for Children

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one of the most prevalent childhood diseases is tooth decay. In the Hamilton office of dentist Karen Ho, patients of all ages are treated with a high standard of care in which the focus is prevention. Children, in particular, tend to be at risk for cavities. We are proud to offer a number of preventative treatments to aid in the avoidance of this painful dental problem. During routine checkups, we seek the earliest signs of decay so that we may stop cavities in their tracks using the most conservative methods.

Dentistry on Parkdale is a family-friendly practice in which we treat children in a nurturing and upbeat manner. We understand that young patients have limited experience with dentistry and we take our role in forming their attitude towards dental care seriously. When you visit Dr. Ho and her team, you will find that we are friendly and experienced in handling the needs of our patients. When tooth repair is needed, we do all that we can to make it a comfortable, stress-free process.

Silver fillings

Silver fillings, or amalgam fillings, have been the norm for well over a century. Amalgams are referred to as "silver" fillings because the color of this material is silver upon initial placement. Over time, however, silver fillings may darken. For this and other reasons, many of our patients request repair with tooth-colored fillings.

Tooth colored fillings

There are several reasons parents may choose tooth-colored fillings for their children. For some, there is a preference to avoid metal. There is also the appeal of a natural looking restoration to consider. Permanent teeth, especially, benefit from the use of high quality composite resin filling material. Composite resin is a blend of powdered glass and plastic. Before filling a tooth, we color match this material for the most discreet appearance. Composite resin is pliable when placed into the damaged tooth, and is hardened using special light. This sets the stage for long lasting strength and durability.

Tooth repair may differ from one person to another. The heart of treatment in our Hamilton family dental practice is individuality. We treat each patient based on needs and preferences, seeking optimal results through attention to detail.

We would prefer to avoid the need for tooth repair and offer our patients excellent preventative treatments with this goal in mind. Cavity repair may become necessary for some. For gentle, efficient restorative care, call Dentistry on Parkdale at 905-547-4940.
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