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Dental Extractions

Our first priority in providing patient care is to facilitate comfort and a healthy smile. Dental problems are approached with the goal of preserving natural tooth structure whenever possible. In some cases, however, the only recourse we have in restoring comfort and optimal oral health is to remove a decayed or damaged tooth. There are two methods of tooth extraction, simple extraction and surgical extraction. Patients requiring simple extraction will find that the team at Dentistry on Parkdale performs this procedure with the utmost precision and gentleness.

Simple Tooth Extraction

Simple extractions may be performed when sufficient tooth structure is visible above the gums. Because simple extractions involve teeth that have fully erupted, the removal process typically takes only a few moments. Before the extraction procedure, we administer local anesthetic so no discomfort occurs. However, understanding the nature of tooth removal, we also offer our patients the option for nitrous oxide to aid in relieving nervousness during care.

There are a few reasons extraction may be necessary. This procedure is looked at as our final option and done only when other forms of treatment, such as root canal therapy, would not be able to save the tooth. The most common extractions are third molars, or wisdom teeth. These teeth are typically removed because they grow during the teen years when the mouth has already been filled with permanent teeth. Wisdom teeth may require surgical extraction depending on their position. Simple extractions may be performed when a tooth has been significantly injured or diseased to a point where the tooth is no longer viable. Extraction may also be done as a precursor to orthodontic treatment.

Simple tooth extraction is a straightforward process that is performed in the gentlest manner to prevent trauma to surrounding tissues. Following treatment, mild discomfort can be reduced with over the counter medication and a diet of softer foods. We encourage patients to avoid chewing on the side of the mouth where the extraction occurred until the day after treatment. Salt water rinsing may be done to promote healing and keep swelling to a minimum.

When treating your smile, we first seek conservative ways to restore health and functionality. This includes considering the various ways in which we may be able to save a severely damaged tooth. If extraction is needed, we take measures to ensure your comfort both during and after your procedure. Schedule your preventative or restorative care in our comfortable Hamilton dental office. Call 905-547-4940.

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