Sometimes, anxiety related to past dental experiences or simple nervousness about impending treatment can feel overwhelming. Dr. Ho believes that every person deserves to receive the care needed to promote oral health and a beautiful smile. She is happy to offer nitrous oxide sedation as a service for improved comfort in our Hamilton dental office.

For some time, sedation was something reserved mainly for medical treatments. In dentistry, patients may have been offered sedative medication only for more advanced procedures such as tooth extraction. Aside from surgical procedures, patients could only “grin and bear it” through their appointments. Though nitrous oxide has been a very common form of sedation since the late 1700s, its use in dentistry for routine procedures has only recently become common. With this proven method of sedation, Dr. Ho helps patients achieve smiles they love without the fear they once felt in the dental chair.


There are many scenarios in which nitrous oxide sedation can be beneficial. These include:

  • Mild to moderate dental anxiety
  • Lengthy treatment is scheduled
  • Age or health conditions make it difficult to sit still during treatment
  • Strong gag reflex
  • Fear of needles


Often, when people hear the word “sedation” they envision going to sleep. Only in some cases is full anesthesia necessary. In the dental setting, most people experience a dramatic decrease in anxiety and fear with conscious sedation such as nitrous oxide.

The method of delivery for nitrous oxide is inhalation. This method is ideal for a number of reasons. Patients notice their feelings of anxiety begin to fade away within only a few seconds of breathing a safe nitrous/oxygen mixture. While breathing nitrous oxide, patients may feel wonderfully relaxed and happy. The euphoric feelings that nitrous causes has led to its nickname of “laughing gas.”

Due to the quickness with which the nervous system responds to nitrous, we can adjust dosage as needed to maintain the ideal level of relaxation for the duration of treatment. Additionally, the effects of this sedative are very quick to leave the body. This allows patients to safely drive and resume normal activities right after treatment.

Fear does not have to stop you from having your healthiest, most attractive smile. Contact Dentistry on Parkdale to learn more about your options for nitrous oxide sedation.

Dr. Karen Ho, Dentistry on Parkdale

Dr. Karen Ho is a trusted dentist serving patients of all ages in Hamilton, Ontario. Having studied at prestigious institutes such as McMaster University and University of Toronto and trained at Hartford Hospital (General Practice Residency), she opened her private practice in 2003.

Dr. Ho is committed to lifelong learning as she believes that she can serve her community better by constantly updating herself. She is affiliated with many professional organisations like the Academy of General Dentistry, Institute for Clinical Practice of Pediatric Dentistry, The Dawson Academy Study Club, Niagara Peninsula Dental Diagnostic Study Club, Hamilton Chapter of the Seattle Study Club (Founding Member), and Boston and Tufts Universities.

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