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Best Teeth Whitening dentist Hamilton ONOut of your various physical attributes, your smile will be noticed first. A bright smile is more than attractive; it conveys a number of things to others about who you are. When we view a beautiful, bright smile, we develop perceptions such as " friendly" or " popular.” Dullness and discoloration are common problems but something that we want to address quickly if we want our smile to portray our inner vibrancy and positivity.

There are a number of benefits of having a dazzling smile. Obviously, when your teeth look good you feel positive about your personal image. This promotes inner confidence that shines through in your personal and professional life. According to market research, people with attractive smiles may have more success in the workplace and in the area of romance and relationships.

The nature of discoloration

Stained teeth were at one time associated with aging. Though the passage of time has a lot to do with discoloration, it is more so because stains build up over months and years as we consume stain-causing foods. Beverages like coffee and tea are well known for their effect on tooth color. Stains may also develop, however, as tiny particles from foods like dark berries are deposited into the pores in enamel. The more debris that accumulates in these pores, the more discolored the teeth become.

Humans have sought ways to brighten discolored teeth for centuries. In ancient times, methods involving abrasion and natural acid proved too aggressive to enamel. The methods used today involve the controlled application of a mild bleaching agent. Home whitening and in-office whitening are the result of more than a century of research and development.

Dr. Karen Ho provides two options for teeth whitening and she has helped many patients from the Hamilton area achieve greater satisfaction with their smiles. In-office whitening using the Zoom! Whitening System takes only about an hour and achieves the same gorgeous results that come from home whitening. Home whitening is performed on a daily basis in your own home using fitted trays and professional grade gel supplied by our office. When you use our home whitening kit, your smile is transformed over the course of a few weeks.

There are benefits to each of our teeth whitening options. Home whitening is convenient, affordable, and effective. Due to the gradual lifting of stains from teeth, home whitening is ideal for those with tooth sensitivity. In-office whitening is a great way to boost your smile and your confidence before a special event or important meeting. Sometimes this option is chosen simply because a busy schedule makes home whitening difficult.

Dr. Ho and her team have the training, experience, and the commitment to brighten your smile. Call 905-547-4940 today to schedule your consultation for teeth whitening.

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