We love visiting with our patients on a regular basis. Professional dental care is not designed to occur on an “as needed” basis as a reaction to a developing dental problem. This approach to oral health consumes more time and costs more money in the end. Instead of letting an uncomfortable problem dictate when you see your dentist, we encourage you to maintain a schedule of professional care every six months. Routine care at Dentistry on Parkdale can help you avoid common dental problems such as cavities and gum disease.

The dental exam process involves an up-close assessment of tooth structure and gum tissue. We may rely in part on diagnostic imaging such as x-rays for this assessment, and Dr. Ho will use specialized instruments that will provide valuable information regarding oral health.

During the exam process, teeth are checked for “softness.” Cavities are caused by the acidic by-product of oral bacteria, which naturally live on teeth and gums. When you look at your smile in the mirror, you may not see plaque and tartar buildup or the accumulation of oral bacteria. Your dentist, however, using magnification, can see the signs of plaque and can recommend professional cleaning as a form of preventative or restorative care. If cavities are identified during our exam, we can often repair damage during the same visit.

Gum disease is another common problem that we check for during routine visits. Your experienced dentist knows the hidden signs of gum disease, such as inflammation and slight redness. In the dental office, we also have special instruments that enable us to measure the degree of inflammation present. A small dental probe placed against a tooth may be used to help us identify periodontal pockets and their depth. The depth of a periodontal pocket, an area in which gum tissue has pulled away from tooth structure, will tell us the extent of disease and help us determine the type of treatment needed to restore health to infected gums.

Preventative dental care is the key to maintaining your healthiest, most attractive, most comfortable smile. Routine visits allow us to team with you and your family to bring home care and professional care together for optimal results. During this time, you may also receive a professional cleaning or oral cancer screening. At Dentistry on Parkdale, our friendly, experienced team puts your smile first. Call 905-547-4940 today.

Dr. Karen Ho, Dentistry on Parkdale

Dr. Karen Ho is a trusted dentist serving patients of all ages in Hamilton, Ontario. Having studied at prestigious institutes such as McMaster University and University of Toronto and trained at Hartford Hospital (General Practice Residency), she opened her private practice in 2003.

Dr. Ho is committed to lifelong learning as she believes that she can serve her community better by constantly updating herself. She is affiliated with many professional organisations like the Academy of General Dentistry, Institute for Clinical Practice of Pediatric Dentistry, The Dawson Academy Study Club, Niagara Peninsula Dental Diagnostic Study Club, Hamilton Chapter of the Seattle Study Club (Founding Member), and Boston and Tufts Universities.

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