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Tooth Fillings

One of the problems dentists find themselves treating frequently is tooth decay. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control reports cavities as one of the most prevalent diseases, especially in children. The immediate concern with tooth decay is the development of a cavity in a tooth. Untreated, decay continues to damage enamel and other tooth material, potentially leading to infection in pulp tissue. At Dentistry on Parkdale, Dr. Ho and her team offer a high standard of preventative care in hopes of helping patients avoid cavities.

Treating tooth decay

Tooth decay leads to pits and holes in healthy enamel. The way that this problem is treated typically involves removing damaged material and restoring structure with a filling. When we catch decay early, we may be able to repair damage with a very small filling and without the need for injections of local anesthetic. Our goal is optimal restoration and patient comfort. If you require cavity repair from Dentistry on Parkdale, we will make your visit as pleasant as possible through gentle techniques and the use of proper medication as needed.

Tooth colored fillings

Historically, amalgam has been the material of choice for cavity repair. This "silver" filling material was developed before the nineteenth century and it continues to be used today. We find that, for several reasons, patients may be best served with tooth-colored fillings. If you need a cavity filled, Dr. Ho can provide you with beautiful, long lasting repair with composite resin filling material.

Composite resin fillings are made of quartz and plastic, mixed to match the color of surrounding teeth for a very discreet appearance. Composite resin restorations do not just fill the hole created by tooth decay; they can rebuild a healthy, strong tooth structure that functions for many years. Studies have shown that tooth-colored fillings are more than aesthetically pleasing; that they are also gentle to natural tooth structure and capable of withstanding the force of biting and chewing.

We are happy to provide you and your family with the preventative, restorative, and cosmetic services you need to enjoy your best smiles. Call 905-547-4940 to schedule your visit to Dentistry on Parkdale.

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