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Hamilton, ON, dentist provides custom mouth guards for patients with teeth grinding habits

Hamilton, ON, Dr. Karen Ho provides custom mouth guards for patients with teeth grinding habits

Have you noticed that your jaw feels sore or uncomfortable in the morning? Are there days when you worry that you won’t be able to eat because the pain is so severe? Do you have headaches that are otherwise unexplained? Do you catch yourself gritting your teeth when you feel annoyed or stressed? If so, you may have bruxism, a condition of nighttime grinding. Dr. Karen Ho of Dentistry on Parkdale in Hamilton, ON, has helped many patients treat their bruxism with custom mouth guards.

Teeth grinding can harm your teeth

Grinding your teeth can cause several different symptoms such as pain in the jaw and headaches. However, the effects of bruxism can extend to gum recession; teeth becoming loose, fractured, or worn; tooth sensitivity, chronic headaches, TMJ disorder, or even tooth loss.

Help for bruxism

It may seem like patients should just be able to stop the habit of teeth grinding. In some cases, when grinding occurs during a tense or stressful moment, this may be the case. Patients who can find other ways to relieve their stress such as deep breathing, or going for a short walk, may be able to reverse the effects of grinding. However, in many cases, patients don’t know that they’re grinding their teeth as they do it subconsciously or while sleeping.

Oral appliances can be worn while patients are sleeping. Looking much like a sports mouth guard, they are made of durable plastic. The mouth guards are custom fit to be a comfortable fit for patients of all ages. They create a barrier between your teeth to prevent the stress and damage that occurs to the teeth when the patient clenches the jaw or grinds the teeth.

If you are grinding your teeth, call Dr. Ho today to schedule an appointment. She can help reverse any of the damage that’s been done to the teeth and gums and prevent more from occurring. Call Dentistry on Parkdale at 905-547-4940 today.

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